Address Book

In cleaning mom’s apartment, I found all manner of note/address books. One in particular caught my attention. It went like this:

  • A – Her assisted living community, apartment number and phone number. Her name did not start with A.
  • D – Our last name starts here… She had her Island house number listed, the Island shop number written down, but it was wasn’t even close to what the shop # had been, her mainland # was written down as our land line, her email address (incorrect) and its password were also noted.
  • L – She had 6 neighbors under L that don’t have L last names… 2 of my children were listed, collectively 7 times, and she had her Island house phone number listed under L.
  • M – There was a listing for ‘banks.’ The Island bank’s number was listed. This bank’s name doesn’t start with M.

Her writing was very choppy, and I have no idea when she tried to put this together. I assume it was early on in her AL days. Finding new-to-me written evidence of her decline is hard. It’s like you see and hear it in person, and are given update from staff, but finding recent written evidence after you parent dies is, somehow, a sucker punch.

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