Move Two

Yesterday we rented a 15’ U-Haul truck to pick up mom’s furniture. The facilities team at mom’s AL community moved everything from the apartment to the loading dock.

It took less than an hour to load everything. The biggest/heaviest item went in first, and a staff member happened to stroll out as we were raising our eyebrows over moving the piece. He offered to help, he and my DH were able to get it into the truck with far less effort had I been involved.

Unloading was made possible by our son-in-law who helped us with the three heaviest/furthest moved pieces of furniture. It was raining impressively, making part of my job to wipe down the (old fashioned waxed) pieces of furniture as they came into the house.

We are adopting three pieces, and have placed the rest into our downstairs guest bedroom. The goal is to take these pieces back to the Island where the rest of mom and dad’s furniture is hanging out in the upper barn.

The influx over Friday and Saturday is intense. I have created space for myself to allow things to settle out over time. These things, especially now, take time.

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