Mom started wearing a watch when dad’s medical appointment updates were handed to my folks on documents called ‘itineraries.’ Mom would take the itineraries and try to transcribe them onto her and dad’s calendar. As time went on this became more and more difficult for her. While a watch didn’t fix the problem, at least she only had to look to her left wrist to see what the time was rather than ask my father.

At some point she lost the first watch and bought an exact copy of it at the drug store. This one would disappear too, and then be found (or maybe she found the original watch ~ who knows!?).

After she moved into AL, she lost the second watch, and she and I went looking for a replacement. She was kinda offended that the model of watch she’d bought 4-years earlier wasn’t available. She begrudgingly handed over 20-bucks for a drugstore Timex. At times she would say she really enjoyed wearing dad’s watch. Not having paid too much attention to this third model, I don’t know if she was referring to the drugstore watch or if she somehow had one of dad’s inexpensive watches with her in AL.

Today, all three watches are present and accounted for. One was with her jewelry that I was keeping safe for her, one with her belongings from the apartment, and she wore one to the hospital. While having them all in the same spot doesn’t mean a lot to me either way, I think it may just make her feel OK! 😉

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