Island Tenants

The wonderful Island tenants gave me notice today. They are moving back to Europe this summer. I can’t say I blame them one little bit. We had a good chat about the general disarray of this country, and he let me know what his European friends and colleagues think of the US and its presidential supporting inhabitants…

We’ve agreed on a walk-through date in late July.

I want to pause before leasing the property again, and put down baseboard in the house. This is the country… No baseboard means all manner of bug finds their way into the house from between the wall and floor interface in the absence of baseboards.

While I am so supportive of my tenants doing what they need to in order to feel safe, in what I can only call a ‘dark time,’ it does add to my tasks. Initially, getting power and propane into my name, and should there be any gap in getting the property rented, internet too.

Of all the tasks I have to do in the wake of mom’s passing, these are small potatoes. I have contacts at the propane and electric companies, and have never heard of an internet provider turning away business…

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