In order to view the totality of my parents book collection, and begin emptying the storage unit that’s costing $168 a month, I just purchased nine linear feet of shelving. It’s 6’ high with five shelves. If you include the top shelf of each unit, there’s 54 linear feet of shelving. The shelving, not being high fashion, yet industrial, cost $187. We brainstormed about ways to clear enough of our shelving to accommodate my parents volumes, but there’s no way. We are/were all bookaholics.

The goal is to sort by category. A former colleague of my mom has given me the name of a local museum-based book broker. I will, of course, keep volumes that are important to me. It feels right that this collection be available to those who would benefit from and love having access to it, rather than me keeping it on shelves because they were my parents books. I think my folks would agree.

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