I purchased three inexpensive capacious shelving units in order to sort my parents book collection. It’s become clear, given the number of books, that I need to get them out of boxes and onto the shelves, and then sort them. The categories are many: Art, Photography, books mom edited, Volumes by authors my parents knew, Verse, Books in French, Books about Elvis, Books specifically from the California Book Club out of San Francisco, an impressive cookbook collection, Poetry, a vast collection of ‘religious’ texts on Buddhism, Zen, the Bible, Hindu faith… and so much more.

Yesterday we brought 18 boxes of books to our house from storage. There are likely at least that many more boxes, on top of what we brought from mom’s apartment.

There have been a few books that have found an automatic home on our shelves: How The Grinch Stole Christmas written in Latin, Cats in the Sun, a book of pictures taken in the Greek isles, a paper doll book re prez G. Bush called “Bunch Out the President…” A book of 500 Rare Words. I’ve been surprised to find some common novels. There are a huge number of cook books. It’s a delight to discover book after book that mom edited, and museum catalogs too.

The 17 of the 18-boxes are emptied. I’ll go back for another load tomorrow.

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