Masks, a Rant

I was in a public situation recently where masks were a required accessory. I witnessed a fuckwit challenge a person in authority who asked him to put his mask on repeatedly. Like over and over. The fuckwit finally complied but not before filling the air around him with his unprotected breath. I was ready to commit the crime of knocking him unconscious. You know, for everyone’s benefit. Funny how idiots save themselves from your wrath just in time…

As this virus takes advantage of all sorts of shitty decisions made by our politicians (of all persuasions), in the name of money rather than health, I find myself incensed, pissed, furious. Never have I wanted to be a fortune teller, yet every step each State has taken to open (too soon) has been met with my, “Those assholes are going to regret the hell out of that choice!” And so it has come to fruition in each and every case.

Wear a mask, damnit! If you can’t afford to buy masks, leave me a (private) message here on the blog and I will construct and send you a week’s worth, no charge. You are wearing to protect others from YOU! Don’t be that asshat who spreads the virus because you are asymptomatic and think that wearing a mask infringes on your so-called ‘rights.’ How many restaurants will allow you in without shoes or shirts? Do you complain about your right to walk barefoot in a restaurant? Probably not! Are you allowed to pee in the produce section of the grocery? Nope. Do you complain about this egregious affront to your rights? I sure as fuck hope not. Wear the mask 😷.

And don’t start with how horrible it is to wear a mask… I have many resources and links from folks who wear masks 8-18 hours a day whose opinions will crush anyone’s whining. There are very, very, very few people who Actually can’t wear a mask. And those that can’t, due to advanced lung diseases should absolutely not leave their home, because should they contract the virus, with their co-morbidities, their outcome would likely be devastating.

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