This morning as I was walking towards my DH desk, motion to the left of the chicken coop caught my eye. It was a juvenile coyote, literally, dancing down the side of the chicken enclosure. I ran for the long-gun safe, and grabbed the air-rifle. Of course, by the time I got back, the pup was long gone. One chicken was hiding in the coop, and the other was up on a perch telling anyone who would listen about the interloper. She carried on for quite some time.

Late this afternoon I took my long-arm pruner (6’), and started slaying the nettles, and berry vines that grow up from the ravine toward the girl’s enclosure. I figure less coverage for coyotes is a good things. We’re going to leave the outdoor light closest to the enclosure (12’ away) on overnights going forward, and I will continue to make the area off this (west) side of the property less cozy for critters.

Be wary the sting of the nettle! This was after the hives calmed down. When the kids were little we’d use Ambesol to sooth nettle stings. Perhaps long pants and socks would have helped 😜.

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