Fast Island Trip

Today we took a (our) truck load of furniture up to the Island with the furniture we didn’t encompass into our home, and a few boxes. My husband asked me, tongue in cheek, if we’d ever get to a point where we’d stop moving furniture around from place to place. I asked, “Doesn’t everybody do this?”

We measured the house for baseboard, and the tenants shared some bits and pieces with us that I’ve taken note of. We also walked up to the area where the artisan well originates. It’s still so damp on the property that it’s incredibly overgrown and lush, and the actual area was difficult to find. We eyed a spot where a longer (than our) Airstream might be permanently installed on the upper five acres. A place where we could stay on the property while assuring any tenant their privacy.

I’ll be back in two weeks to do a walk through with the tenants before they move overseas. They gave me a jar of rhubarb and gin jam made with my mom’s rhubarb! We’ll have some with breakfast tomorrow!

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