As the book sorting is winding down, the next ‘project’ has organically presented itself: Sorting Correspondence. I found several boxes of letters inside of one of the boxes of books, and was immediately waylaid. Rather than read much in-depth, I sorted by ‘sender.’ Some of this was already done. One box was dedicated to several years of letters from one friend/colleague. Another is a logical mix of a few people. The third box was a quite the blend, and the box that stopped me in my tracks!

I’ve been reaching out to mom’s friends and colleagues asking if they’d like their correspondence back. I’m delighted that, so far, everyone has said “Yes.” It feels good that the entire conversation between her and the other person should reside together. I have forewarned everyone that this is likely the tip of the iceberg, as mom kept everything, and there’s lots yet to go through!

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