After our book-box exodus from mom’s storage unit, and spending a lot of time shelving and sorting books (lots more sorting to do), I was able to narrow the storage unit down to the following:

  • 12-boxes of periodicals that will be stored at our place until they find a home.
  • 9-boxes that will return to the Island for storage.
  • 5-boxes destine for Goodwill.
  • One piece of furniture, and 2-boxes that will get moved to my former mom-in-law’s storage unit.

Then it’s empty!

In giving myself grace and space to address the ‘things,’ emptying the storage unit suddenly became doable, no longer formidable. Yes, our house is a little crazy, and I’m keeping a few rooms 110% clear of the sorting and sifting. Friday I’ll take a load to our regional Goodwill (confirmed open), which will open up a lot of space in one of our guest bedrooms. Between editing our own belongings, and letting go of some of mom’s things, we have a lot to donate.

It’s hard… And yet I don’t need more queen sized sheets. Someone else does! Same with clothes, purses, towels, beautiful size 7.5 narrow shoes… Certain books that don’t hold sentimental, or monetary value, yet someone will be grateful for the opportunity to pick them up for next to nothing. Mom and dad would approve.

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