The Getty

I spoke with The Getty today. They want my mom’s archives. It’s a process, particularly since Southern California isn’t exactly ‘open,’ and The Getty is being extraordinary conservative regarding employees accessing campus. My contact had broad access via computer and was able to locate an entry on my mom and confirm with me that her entry was actually my mama.

After describing what I had, and the volume, she said she’d oversee the acquisition personally, rather than hand the project to an associate. It’s small on their overall scale, yet adds to what they already have on the subject. I was worried about needing to create the archive listing. I’ve come across two such listings my mom did for two of her colleagues, and there’s no way I can do the same… I don’t have the context for the material. I was assured this wouldn’t be necessary, and indeed my hand would be held throughout the process: Inventory to Shipping

As we chatted, I let Marie know how many copies of mom’s book I had. She said The Getty had two! I then shared that I’d discovered a book (2 copies) on a painter that mom had written the opening essay for. The Getty doesn’t have a copy. Now they do! This led to me letting Marie know about my parents art book collection. I’ll list the volumes for her and donate any The Getty doesn’t have (other than ones I want to keep!).

It was a healing conversation. What a gift to know these drawings, letters, drafts, mockups, pictures, negatives, collateral advertisement pieces & announcements (so many different ones), posters, original sketches, resource materials, and SO MUCH MORE has a landing place.

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