Friday Travels.

The GoodWill drop off went flawlessly. It took a while to empty the very full car. The Goodwill attendants took pity on me as I grabbed for an extra large box of books, and the box tore. The box weight was too much for the box to slide easily out of the car. I expressed my thanks as they grabbed that box of books and two others. This was after making three prior stops. From Goodwill I went to our regional, amazing, Asian grocery and procured sushi ingredients. Then picked up five of mom’s rugs I’d left with our rugs seller/cleaner before she passed. The rugs look vibrant after cleaning!

I spent less than an hour on files and ‘things’ after returning home. Most of my week was dedicated to sorting and exploring mom’s papers and correspondence. While weird, it was good to get out of the house, drive, and advance the overall project (in additional ways not penned here).

Dinner was good. I thought of mom while we enjoyed sushi, which she taught me how to make 30-years ago. 🍣

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