Permission to Let Go – A Sentimentalist’s Perspective

I received the best piece (peace) of advice on Thursday. Some things of your parents are meant, and meaningful, in the moment, and some are meant for posterity.

My question, though I knew the answer, was, “Is it OK to toss cards given to my parents from people I don’t know, or that were signed (by those I do know) with their initials without any additional sentiment?” There was a cubic foot and a half of greeting cards to go through from prior to my mom going into care. The answer was, “Yes.” I was able to let go of over half of the cards, keeping ones from family and friends who were present in my parent’s life during the last 20+-years.

This conversation wandered towards furniture. I am very well aware through losing many family members in the last nine years, that furniture is a challenge… I struggle to say, “No thank you” when asked if I’d like something from someone’s estate. Our kids don’t want our cast-offs, much less their grandparent’s or great-grandparent’s furniture. I am SO sentimental! I want to adopt everything that has fond memorys, and the house is full.

The furniture advice was, “You parents didn’t buy/acquire their furniture thinking you would use it when they were finished with it. Some furniture acquisitions are for that person’s lifetime. Choose some meaningful pieces and let the rest go.” WOW!!!!! This has changed my whole outlook. Like clothes, my parents furniture needs to go out into the world and grace other’s lives. Yes, indeed, I am keeping pieces that speak to me, that I love, and I now can let the rest go. I love having my perspective shifted.

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