Card Catalog

Many moons ago, when I was very small, my dad used to find treasures at university auctions. One of these was an expanse of oak library card catalog drawers, with toppers and slide-out shelves, that he turned into a tool/hardware/mysterious bit & pieces emporium. There are 148 drawers.

We moved this from mom’s mainland garage to ours a few years ago. This weekend, we got through all of the drawers except 25! There is a lot stuff we’re keeping, but more that either got the heave-ho, or was bagged with like items in order to give it away. Never will we use any flavor of machine screw, but someone else just might!

When writing about the impact going through lost loved one’s belongings has had on our home, I did not mention the garage. Taking this step will help us create workable space in the garage once again. Getting going was the hardest part.

Seven of 148 drawers.

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