Pulled out of Storage!

Today we moved the last three categories of stored items out of mom’s storage unit and pointed then toward their next way stations.

My parent’s massive periodical collection, which according to EBay, has significant value, is now mostly at our place. We will bring the remainder home from the Island a week from today. The items heading back to the Island (Thursday) are in the extended cab of the truck, and the few items of my daughters’ are in their other grandma’s storage unit, less than a mile down the road.

My son-in-law said something kinda profound last week as he returned the truck to me. I shared we were almost done with mom’s storage unit. He brightly said, “Congratulations!! Many people spend their whole lives trying to accomplish that!” As someone who never experienced a ‘storage unit’ life (I know those who have/do), I’d never thought about renting storage as a permanent part of one’s experience. I rented the storage unit, as I pulled out of mom’s mainland house spring of 2017. It’s been pricey (shy of $6000), and I do not begrudge the expense over 40-months. While I’ve worked my bum off over the last 8-weeks to empty it, having a safe place for my parent’s belongings while mom was in care was priceless. Books and paper archives can’t be safely stored in an unheated, unused barn.

I am kinda entertained that my mom and Jane, former mom-in-law, didn’t/don’t understand they had/have storage! Both had large outbuildings that would have swallowed anything they wanted to store. I hear them both clucking about how unnecessary it is to rent storage! 💜💕💙

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