Two Months…

Mom has been gone for two months. It seems like yesterday, and it seems like so long ago that she left. And indeed she did leave a long time ago. I miss her.

I spent some time late this afternoon going through some of my dad’s slides. I came across three amazing pictures of my mom hamming it up with a large curved zucchini that fit around her neck, and over her head! This sort of summer squash is the reason folks lock their cars on the Island come August! If you don’t, your friends will sneak overgrown squash into your passenger seat, and you usually have enough of your own 😉.

The cab of my truck is loaded to the gills. Tomorrow I take up the last of the items we’re returning to the Island. Due to our misty drippy weather, the cab is over-subscribed. Like, I can’t see out the back. We’ll load the painted baseboard for the house into the back tomorrow morning, joining all the carefully packed hardware of my dad’s. I decided to catch the mid-morning boat, and so don’t have to leave at an unreasonable hour.

The list of tasks are long, but not too daunting, and without artificial deadlines. I’m looking forward to spending some time with our Amazing Neighbor discussing our plots for the property, the friend who built the new deck on the house who has things stored in the upper barn, and is gonna help me identify his and consolidate them, and dinner with our closest neighbor. All distancing protocols observed, of course.

I’ll stay at Tim’s cabin, with my DH joining me on Friday. Tim hasn’t yet migrated to the Island, and so I’ve packed three 5-gallon buckets to tote water in to flush the loo. Lots of drinking water too. We’re pretty good at roughing it, though even in the absence of running water, this cabin can hardly be considered anything other than glamping.

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