Second July Island Trip – Day 1

Last minute packing, driving and the ferry ride went just fine. Upon arriving I unloaded my painted baseboard onto the deck of the house, and then drove up to the barns. My order of operations was going to be to unpack the over-subscribed truck, and then start organizing all the things. I quickly came to the conclusion that I needed to start with organizing so there would be a logical place to put all the things I’d brought.

I started with the lower barn, and in doing so, created a dump pile. The lower building will house all the things we’re keeping. The upper building will house the things we’re looking to sell or give away. By 6PM the truck was empty, and I was locking up.

Since Tim isn’t on the Island yet, the cabin has no water, and so next chore was to fill 3-five gallon buckets with water in order to flush the loo. Having a rear view mirror again, I could tell just how slowly I needed to drive in order to retain my water! It was kind of funny to watch bucket tsunamis.

In the middle of my moving things from here to there, the Amazing Neighbor came by. We went over a number of things including, siting a place for DH and I to put a trailer on the upper five acres, looking at the grey-water system and a septic clean-out cap replacement repairs he’s just done, where he thinks my easement from another neighbor, to get utilities etc to the upper five acres exists, and then a building site he and his wife want to build on. It’s stunning. Our land shares a long property line. It’s good to understand more about the terrain. He said he feels like my dad shared all sorts of information about our property with him because he (dad) knew someday the Amazing Neighbor would have to pass this information on to me.

On top of continuing with the barn sorting, I have three meetings tomorrow, and a masked, socially distant dinner with a friend on her deck. DH will join the fun in the morning.

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