Second July Island Trip – Day 3

We allowed ourselves to sleep in yesterday. It’s always lovely to wake up in Tim’s cabin, a hexagon in the woods with windows on five sides, on a sunny morning. We breakfasted on hard boiled eggs and almond meal and pumpkin/banana muffins I make.

We arrived at the property by 10am. My tenants were scheduled to leave at 11am. We got going on more barn triage. Around 10:40 Mary came up to say goodbye. She thanked me again, and said she was going to go and be sad. I looked at her and said I was going to cry, which I did. I assume they’ve landed at they’re destination by now. Welcome home!

My DH made his acquaintance with the line trimmer. After a discussion or two, they did an incredible amount of work. We sorted my parents’ furniture. There are ten chairs I’m not going to keep. Removing them from the ‘furniture corner’ of the upper barn allowed us to consolidate the remaining furniture, and while doing so, find the urns my parents bought when they signed up with the Neptune Society. We also fished out three small shelving units to take home to assist with the book project. We also packed up the remaining periodical collection. And LOTS more barn content triage.

I met with the prospective tenant referred by the exiting tenant. She is a delight, and things look very positive in that regard.

We left with just enough time to get in line for the ferry, and walk down to the local wine shop, which when making a purchase, supports them, and the Island winery. The ferry was running late. We had enough time to hit the book store, another shop I enjoy, the wine shop, and then stash our goodies in the truck. The ferry employee let us know the boat was running even later than predicted. We took a a snack up to a little park that overlooks the harbor and enjoyed our nibble, and two fledging crows and their mama until we saw our boat arrive. It was a lovely way to end three extremely

busy days.

Fledging crows waiting for their mama in the maple above us.

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