Patience has never been one of my skills. Better said, I am only able to employ patience when it is truly warranted. Otherwise I am not. When I have to ‘bottle up’ or keep my sass to myself, it makes me bubble over in other areas. My husband personifies the Saint of Listeners, who ever that is!

Observing my intolerance for inefficiencies and the ridiculous (our major regional school district just decided today that classes will be held remotely ~ Really?? No shit Sherlock!), sort of from afar, is instructive. I don’t recall being this impatient before, certainly not to the point of serious aggravation. Pretty sure it’s due to my losing my mom, and the responsibilities that come with being her executor. It’s a double whammy, at the very least. I don’t have time to have my time wasted with other’s lack of efficiencies.

Then there are the details, which I am very, very good at. To have to tell my brokerage that they’re website is out of date regarding a certain kind of IRA (law changed almost a year ago), and then after opening that IRA today, online, have some twerp ‘cold’ email me, presumptuously, saying he’d been told I needed help with my inheritance… Well, I set him politely straight in three sentences, but then wanted to split wood by hand, or weed whack an acre 😠. Seriously aggravated by someone wasting my time. We took a nice long walk after work instead.

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