Real Estate Agent

Yesterday I texted my real estate contact on the Island to ask if he knew anyone in our neck of the woods who had experience selling property that was part of an estate. He replied quickly and said he’d get right on it.

Since, we’ve arrived at an idea given the virtual nature of the world. He has ample experience selling properties that are part of estates. He’s found a local agent to do the ground work: Photos/video, market analysis. He’ll take care of documents and escrow.

Properties in our town are being sold, sight unseen with multiple offers, over asking price, due to low inventory, and rock bottom interest rates. There are zero properties for sale in our subdivision. I’m selling this property ‘as is,’ and that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to paint a wall. I’m not willing to pull the non-functional jetted tub out of the master bedroom (yes, the bedroom), or negotiate refencing the property with 5 of the 6 bordering properties that desperately need to share the fencing cost with. Not Going Ta Do It!

I am, after posting this, going to message my tenant to ask if my recommended landscaper responded to him… I gave the tenant the landscaper’s info. Yeah, a little passive aggressive, and this is a deposit buster for the tenant. I am an advocate and friend of my tenants, yet will not screw myself re a whole-garden rehab… The tenant indicated he was all about getting the grounds up to snuff. I’m running scenarios to ground in case he can’t. It’s what I do.

Getting the Mainland house on the market is the final estate item I needed to ‘start.’ Everything else is in process or finished. Selling a house is huge. Kicking this off left me feeling the enormity of what’s happened in the last three months, (and seven and a half years since my father’s passing).

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