August Island Trip – II

It’s been another labor intensive couple of days with a third coming right up. My DH hung new lights in the upper barn, and fixed the lights in the lower barn. He discovered that my father had rigged what was essentially an extension cord, minus the plug, that was used to power the 4-eight foot light fixtures by stuffing two bare wired into a receptacle on the ceiling. It’s all better now. The favored Island electrician fixed the ceiling lights in the dark room once he found a loose neutral wire in the lower barn’s electrical panel. We are lit!!

I sold a batch of items to a couple and their delightful son who came to look at the light table, and then got enthusiastic about other goodies. The dad knew my father! Tim bought the big compressor. I turned that cash into a large, new weed whacker we can put blades on in order to reclaim the lower 5-acres from an infestation of hawthorns and, at our place, Himalayan blackberries.

I finished going through the packed boxes. It was like Christmas seeing again so many thing from my childhood, and having time to appreciate and consider them. It was also hard.

I continued to sort, stage, and arrange. We vacuumed the barn (concrete) floors as space opened up. This sounds silly, but in reality, my dad wasn’t able to effectively deal with much in those buildings after the beginning of 2005. Illness and treatment was overwhelming. The spaces are looking SO much better.

Our pest guy came out to go over what he’s treating and to check on the buildings in general. It was a reassuring connect and have a meeting of the minds. He’s been taking care of the property for decades.

Tomorrow we’ll help Tim, who is having mobility issues due to a severely pinched nerve, get a truck moved, and then head back over to the property. I’ll mow while my DH exercise his new line trimmer. Then we’ll check on the apples. It’s about time to make apple butter.

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