Real Estate Meeting

I met yesterday late-morning at the Mainland house with the local real estate agent. She was perfectly complimentary about the house and property. I was kinda alarmed at the condition of the property… Basically, shit everywhere. Things that I would throw away as a matter of course are sprinkled all over the exterior. The tenant has been telling me they’ve been packing and moving things to a storage unit. The garage looks far less impacted, but the rest of the house looks very lived in. I’m sure, in part, it’s because I’m looking at the house through a different lens now. A “this place has to be empty in 10-days’ lens. I also have to keep in mind that not everyone is the excruciating planner I am. It’ll happen.

I have to schedule in window and carpet cleaners. Our house keeper is lined up to do a move-out cleaning. The tenant has someone lined up to do a garden rehab.

The agent wants to stage a few of the rooms. Having not bought/sold a house in 21-years, I have zero opinion on the idea/subject. She knows what will make the house pop, and I will follow her lead.

The asking price the agents are homing in on is higher than what I was thinking. They still haven’t settled on the actual price, and may not until the tenants are moved out. They don’t expect the house to stay on the market for long. Reasons: almost no inventory, excellent location, rock bottom interest rates, good price point for our area.

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