I don’t have control over:

  • The west coast fires or our horrendous air quality.
  • The inability to take walks due to the above, or work on the garden at mom’s mainland house due to the above.
  • The corona virus, and its effects on our personal or collective lives.
  • My uncle’s advancing dementia.
  • Anxiety dreams.
  • Murder hornets. They don’t make shot small enough… Rock salt? 😜

I do have control over:

  • How much sleep I get.
  • How much news/social media I engage in.
  • Exercising control over things I have quasi-superficial control of… Cleaning, organizing, weeding, bossing the cats..
  • Working on estate details, which are larger than a sum of their parts.
  • How much I work. Currently working on that negotiation.

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