House Prep

This week sees a lot of movement on the mainland house sale prep. Move out, window, and carpet cleaning, and staging will all take place this week. Repairs will start this week as well. As soon as the air quality notches down below ‘very unhealthy,’ I’ll get back to finishing the last of the garden prep. I’m actually looking forward to the garden prep as I’m going to add a 8-12 shrubs to the garden. Two rhododendrons didn’t make the cut in the landscaper’s overhaul. They were past their prime. I’m transplanting a weigela to our garden that was my grandmother’s. This will leave a hole in the landscape that I’ll happily fill with something that won’t block the kitchen window like the weigela does. We also have to remove the last of my father’s things from the garage. The tenant says he can use some of the items. The remainder we’ll take to the Island.

When the mainland house hits the market my parents belongings will be, merely, on two properties and in seven buildings. A vast improvement over five properties and 10 buildings.

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