Mainland House

I’ve spent a lot of time readying the Mainland house to hit the market on the 24th. It’s been like being a general contractor while attempting to get my own work done… Everyone comes to me for council, and I work on not letting the distractions drive me batty! Multitasking is not my strong suit these days.

The house and garden looks SO much better than in did 10-days ago, and yet I can’t stop fussing over what hasn’t/isn’t going to get done. I’m away on a 3-day business trip tomorrow. My, now, former tenant is working on a lot of fixes, and due to his schedule, those fixes aren’t happening as fast as I’d like. I am working very hard on chilling the fuck out. My real estate team doesn’t think the house will be on the market for long.

I think the biz trip will do me a lot of good! A lovely mountain drive towing my wee Airstream, with interesting sights to pause at when I need to take a break. I’m parking the trailer at the Chamber of Commerce’s RV park at my destination. It costs nothing and keeps me out of motels and restaurants… And the truck doesn’t care if it is or isn’t towing the little trailer. Same deplorable milage either way!!

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