Cat Wars

Elvis is increasingly aggressive with our incumbent cat. After arriving home yesterday, Incumbacat jumped off a stool, and Elvis took after him. My yelling and chasing did nothing to discourage him. He, in fact, kept after Incumbakitty, with me after the two of them. They had two serious knock down drag outs. Elvis was banished to the downstairs bathroom after my DH got a hold of him. I called the vet.

A week from tomorrow I’ll take him in for behavioral advice, and possibly pharmacological intervention… Feliway on both floors of the house, on a collar around Elvis’ neck and now CBD oil in his food twice a day is doing nothing to mellow him out re our other cat. He’s a sweet doll with us. Until the vet appointment, the two shall not set eyes on each other, which is too bad because its going to isolate Elvis for 15-hours a day.

In a perfect world, Elvis needs to be King Kat in a one cat household. There was no way to know this when we brought him home after mom couldn’t care for him any longer. I’m going to start putting those feelers out. 😿

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