Mainland House Sale Update

So far, so good… That being said, the bank appraisal took place today. Early this morning I turned on all the lights and set the furnace to 65. Yesterday I set three bouquets of sunflowers around the house. All this on my brokers advice. I assume we’ll hear something early next week

I’ve brought a known landscaper in to keep up on the grass, blowing and beds until the close of escrow. I’m going to work the weeds. The staging furniture gets picked up tomorrow.

The inspection was interesting. 67 pages, literally, of what’s wrong with the house (mostly photos), and recommendations to hire professionals to mitigate, among other things, a slow running bathroom sink. For fuck sake, undo the p-trap, hold your nose, and clean it out! My broker said they had to recommend pros due to liability. I can understand that. The buyers asked for a $3000 credit. I signed that piece of electronic paper fast. There’s also a sewer leak involved. Who knew? No wonder the cedar is so happy!

There’s a SOLD sign on the real estate sign at the head of the driveway. It’s a very confident statement. I would have put a PENDING sign up. I’m so glad my real estate peeps are that assured. I think that 15-years of walking with mom while she was ill has left me only being able to live in the now in terms of these milestones. The sold sign is a hope, an end result… Until escrow closes, the house isn’t actually sold. Here’s to October 30th, or sooner!

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