Stella’s on the Island!

I took the new trailer, here after known at Stella, up to the Island on Saturday. My daughter, SIL and grandson came with me. We took separate vehicles, and they walked on the ferry. We drove out to the property together. All this to mitigate hours together in the same vehicle. We are all being very, very careful, and this is part of that protocol.

Our Amazing Neighbor had been busy making space for Stella. He cut a road and pad for her. This week he ‘rocked’ both, cleaned up around the back of the barns, and created an auxiliary road that will allow us easy access from Stella’s road to the back of the barns. I’m ecstatic!!!

Stella in her temporary location. It took first gear and four wheel drive ‘low’ to get her here!
Road in to Stella’s pad.
View from pad. Amazing neighbor and his amazing machine.
Stella will sit on the upper back left of the pad. The perspective makes it challenging to understand how big the pad is. The trackhoe’s treads, which you can see, are about 5 feet apart. The pad is about 20’ wide. The ‘rock’ consists of a layer of 2” rock, and a layer of 1” minus gravel. We’ll lay pavers to create a garden/patio area around Stella next summer.
Stella looks down to her pad.
New road/path from Stella’s road to back of barns. Anyone want some antique riding mowers??
Looking the other direction up the newly cut road towards Stella’s road. All of this was a mass of dead tractor parts, fencing,
rusting mysteries (now on the back side of the upper barn), ground-wasp nests, and half buried rotted alder limbs. Made mowing very exciting… It’s now a tabula rasa.

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