October 2020 Island Trip – Day 2

I picked up my DH mid-morning, after a stop at the hardware store and kitchen shop. Shortly after our return our Amazing Neighbor showed and kept working. After lunch he came back and graveled the west drive. This put me and my DH to work as the gravel didn’t land exactly where it was supposed to! Our Amazing Neighbor scooped gravel up in his tractor bucket, took it to where it was needed, and we scooped it out with shovels. Then we moved onto the east end of the driveway, did the same, and finally he graded out the left over gravel in front of where Stella is currently parked. It may sound funny, but it’s a gift to have gravel in front of her rather than mud!

My DH had a list of tasks that included securing the LED lighting in the upper barn (I’m still in awe of the new lights ~ Best $250 I’ve spent in a while!), working on replacing an exterior light on the lower barn, installing a knife magnate in Stella and repairing a latch in one of her bathroom cabinets. I continued mowing. All around the out buildings, the long west driveway before it got graveled and the meadow that in front of Stella’s pad.

We used our Amazing Neighbor’s T-Mobile phone to see what our potential wifi signal might be. I have to circle back as he was saying meg to my DH and gig to me. DH needs serious up and download speeds to work remotely. We’re hoping for StarLink to come knocking soon. Our other option is to pay for the last mile of fiber to get to us. I may ask one of the neighbors in the subdivision what the temperature might be in asking the entire subdivision if they’d like to chip in and pay to have real internet. If Aimee says don’t bother I won’t, but, I might find out what the cost is for shits and giggles. In the age of COVID, I don’t understand how folks are limping along on 40mg speeds.

We had a lovely dinner over at Tim’s. We brought scallops and served them over a wilted chard mix cooked with bacon, garlic and onions. It was a good visit. Tim heads south next week. Another season buttoned up. I’m grateful we were able to spend so much time this year.

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