I was none too impressed when my parents moved us from the progressive university town I’d been raised in until 16-years of age, to the Island. Despite my attitude, I made lots of dear and amazing friends, connected with my parent’s friends, barely escaped high school, and then retreated back to that university town 7-days after graduating. I kept in touch with a handful of people over the years.

When I moved back into shooting distance of the Island, at the end of 1998, the Island community, in a great part because of my parents, again came into focus. Its importance reemerged as I spent time with my parents. I knew the folks they knew, their kids were my peers, some of them my high school buddies… On an Island with a population (circa 2000) of just over 6800 (4280 more than when I lived there in the late 70’s) it’s hard not to know pretty much everyone. The year 2000 statistic likely includes all homeowners, many of whom are not year-round residents.

In 2000 my high school held an all-class reunion. We attended and all sorts of people from my brief childhood Island experience were there. It was lovely, and like the almost 20-years hadn’t transpired since we’d last been together in the same general geography.

When I joined Facebook, the reconnection increased. Suddenly we were all able to keep up with each other in real time. I have three main tribes in my life, outside of family. Family is connected to all three tribes! While I don’t want to ascribe to my social media life my absolute connectivity to any of the tribes in terms of how I’m able to stay in touch with others via social media, the Island is first, my Camp community is second, and the community where I spent my formative years is third. Suffice to say, us Island folks keep in touch.

I email as a main form of communication. Texting is a close second. There are few I spend time on the phone with. I rarely pen a letter any more.

I’m thankful to be in touch and connected with my Island tribe. Thankful that my parents brought me to such a lovely place and helped me plant roots here. Thankful to return as an adult to help my parents, and so deeply appreciate what they treasured on the Island.

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