Additional Mainland House Sale Updates

The appraisal came in at full price without the bank asking for any remediation or work. With that contingency removed, over a week ago, time was the only thing left to navigate.

I removed the last items from the house late last week (sack ‘o trash, step stool, cleaning supplies etc), and said ‘Good bye’ to the house. This morning I signed closing documents. On Friday the house will belong to someone else.

Shaggy mane mushroom were growing at the edge of the front walk that day I picked up the last things. I’ve never seen them there before. It’s a favorite of mushroom hunters everywhere. I took it as a sign form my mama, who was a fantastic mushroom gatherer. If she picked it, you could rest assured it was eatable. I left them there, both so they will shed spores and increase their footprint, and as a welcome to the new owners.

Shaggy Manes from Mom

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