Kit Houses

When I started chauffeuring mom from the ferry to her mainland house, she started telling me about Sears & Roebuck kit houses from the beginning of the 20th century. As we drove from the ferry to the highway, she was sure most of the houses we passed were kit houses. I had never heard of them, and she sure seemed plausible in the telling of her story. Many of the little houses we’d pass were the right vintage and similar in their overall shape and presence. I never thought much about Sear & Roebuck housing outside of our drives.

There’s a glossy-section of our Sunday paper that is all about local interest stories (gardening, architecture, music, literature, cuisine etc). Last Sunday’s copy of this section was about the renovation of three of these kit-houses, but on a much different scale than the little houses in the town by the ferry. These measured-in around 3000 square feet each, and were appointed in grand city style! Who knew? It was a delight to learn more about Sear & Roebuck kit-houses, and I could see mom doing a drop jaw, hand to head, mock disbelief move that these houses were ever so large and well appointed. Made me smile to think of having this conversation with her over the paper. 💜

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