Next Island Trip

Is Monday… The Amazing Neighbor and I have lined up schedules and included a contractor who will deftly hand dig around existing utilities in order to place trailer utilities in a new trench. I am going to include an irrigation line in that trench that can draw from the ground wells for future use.

The lists are ambitious. I’m second most excited about leaving the Island early enough on a weekday to be able to stop at a regional metal recycling center on my way home. This will be the start of clearing a large, aforementioned, random metal pile. I don’t know if I’m a prude, but I see no reason to stack up junk on your land… There have been metal recycling options for decades. Yes, it means you have to take your truck off the Island, but you’re gonna go off Island anyways…

I’m most excited about getting Stella’s utilities installed. And maybe, hopefully, Stella placed on her pad. I’ll keep ya updated!

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