I’ve just taken the first step in finding new homes for my dad’s remaining camera gear. I have two Hasselblad camera bodies, and four lenses, amongst lots and lots of other equipment. Dad didn’t mess around. Many of these items are still selling for impressive amounts of money on eBay.

My contact is a member of an active local camera club. I retained a business card dad must have picked up at a swap meet. This person referred me to the prez of the camera club.

I cataloged all of dad’s photography periodicals (100’s), books, and the gear itself. The club prez said the camera gear would likely be purchased by club members, but couldn’t guarantee the periodicals would all be absorbed ;->. I am willing to give away the periodicals (1959-2010!) to those who would enjoy them. I will ask money for the actual camera gear.

I dabble in photography myself, but am 100% digital. I respect what my father accomplished, both in actual photography, and his darkroom prowess. It was, and still is in small pockets, an art. He was an artist across many media. I am not going to revive emulsion film. These cameras need to be used by someone who gets a hard-on just thinking about them. I am not that person.

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