November Island Trip – Day 1

You know, I thought I stopped working… My new boss is my Amazing Neighbor! When he says Let’s Go, I hit the hardware store and head north. Really, we are so grateful to have his time and attention on our project/s, that when he gives me 48-hours notice that we’re launching on the next phase, I take a deep breath, pack my work clothes, spend a buck and a half on my brake and rotor eating truck, and prepare to play in a long ditch for two days.

I’m picking up the water and sewer supplies on my way as they are SO much less expensive to buy here than purchasing on the Island. I am perplexed by this as things ship to the Island for free. An Island economist will have to explain why a lumber company or hardware store, with far greater purchasing power than I, can’t talk their suppliers into no or low cost shipping.

It is rare for me to take an afternoon boat. My supply list was finalized last night, and so there was no way to make the hardware store run and get on a morning boat. I am pleased to get to the property, assuming no ferry shenanigans, before dark. It’s nice not rushing to get out the door. Novel, in fact!

I went to T-Mobile, the only carrier who covers the less served cellular areas of the Island, yesterday and got a SIM card for my phone and iPad. We’ll see if I have reception in the trailer. This is a 14-day trial. If it doesn’t pan out, we’ll have to wait for StarLink to send us an invitation.

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