November Island Trip – Day 2

Without power, and it being so cold, my phone lost its battery over night. I was surprised to wake up at a reasonable time after only a few hours sleep in the early morning. After dressing, in many layers with lightening speed, I went to the lower barn’s circuit panel and found the offending breaker. Breaker #6. I turned it back on and was again in business.

My Amazing Neighbor and I found the source of the propane leak quickly. It’s in the hoses that go from the tanks to the supply to the trailer. The challenge is whether an Island supplier has replacements. Aside from the inconvenience of no stove top, this is not an emergency.

We spent the the bulk of the day trenching for and installing black water line for Stella’s future site. I escalated the project by adding irrigation hose to take advantage of the old ground wells. The PEX piping we’re using for irrigation has a mind of its own, and we were barely able to make it behave as we forced it into the trench. I would have to stand on the pipe while my Amazing Neighbor used his track/backhoe to move soil into the ditch to suppress the pipe’s spring-like inclinations. It was a giant 300 foot slinky.

We got up to the northeast corner of the lower barn with sewer and irrigation. The irrigation stops there. It was time to call it a day.

I retired to Stella and lost my 110 power again… This time it wasn’t the breaker.

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