November Island Trip – Day 6

It’s been raining impressively this morning. The plan is to trench for water and power from the lower barn to the pad. And start another fire. And I have my own, ah, plumbing issues to manage. It’s time to face the day. Tea first…

The plumbing issue was quickly resolved with a piece of 1″ PVC pipe. Let’s just say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was and the phrase ‘stirring up shit’ has real meaning!

The lower barn needed some cleaning. Sweeping, collapsing boxes, addressing items on the steel shelving, and finally going through dishes I saved for Stella. I had started going through the dishes when my AN showed up. He canceled trenching due to the weather. Instead we rounded out the culvert that goes under the east driveway, and discussed clearing the ditch that feeds that culvert. We took a look at one of Stella’s batteries. I need to add a little water, and my AN is going to see how much power they have. We started the new fire, which I then spent over an hour adding additional fallen branches to. At noon I was ready for a break. At 12:30, I put on my rain jacket and went to address the ditch. More barn work, fire management, and then I assessed the darkroom contents.

A very serious local photography club is going to take a look at my dad’s remaining gear and library. They evaluate what you have, will help you sell on Ebay, or purchase the collection outright. No charge. The club exists to further the art of photography, bring younger people into the fold, and connect old gear with photo gear-heads.

I head home tomorrow. There are many things on the to-do list that are going to wait until the next trip, or the one after that. I’m not good at not finishing, or not meeting my own goals/expectations that I set for myself. I have to adjust my focus. A lot of work got done!

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