November Island Trip – Day 7

It took a lot of work to get Stella and the property closed up. All of it in the pouring rain. The remaining photo gear (mostly antique things used in processing medium format film) we’re large and bulky, filling the back cab of my truck. By the time I left, I was cold, dirty, soaked and tired.

After putting the truck in line, I found incredible cod tacos and returned to the truck, turning it on to warm up. Once on the boat, I deployed a pair of toe warmers (for working outside in cold weather), put them in my hands, put the seat back and slept the whole trip back to the mainland. Things warmed up once I was on the road again. My DH helped me unload the truck, I got laundry underway, unpacked the cooler, took a shower another nap, and awoke to our black cat wanting to have a snuggle.

Today I am sore from 6-days of hard labor, and am not being all that productive by design. I know what’s for dinner, have washed a few dishes, and put away the aforementioned laundry. It might be time for another nap.

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