I woke up with an extremely painful right shoulder that limited mobility turning my head to the left. A hot shower and 3 Advil helped a wee bit. The pain was significant.

I have a long history of thoracic spine, shoulder and neck pain caused by injuries from childhood, and a car accident in my mid-20’s. A lot of therapy has kept me strong and pain free for many years. PT and Chiropractic care have been instrumental in my healing.

Today, after explaining to my chiropractor what I’d done on the Island, she said, “You know you’re crazy…” I agreed. Given the old injuries, being far more sedentary than usual (Oh, Covid), and then working like a professional day laborer for most of 6-days, yeah, crazy. She asked if I’d been throwing things overhand. Yes, for hours and hours (6-8) while managing the fires, adding additional alder limbs, Under handed too! I spent some time describing the body mechanics of being in a ditch up to my hips, using a shovel to bring soil back in to support the sewer pipe before we buried it (to maintain the slope). She just shook her head at me, with a grin. She tells me I remind her of her mom, and said that this, even 36-hours after finishing up my labors, was caused by my inability to understand my physical limits. Sigh.

She has a muscle vibrating devise that she always uses on certain grumpy muscles. Today she applied it to my shoulder and suddenly my range of motion increased! As of this writing, over 9 hours later, that range of motion is still improved. Ice, rest, and Advil have helped. I have a very short list of things to do tomorrow, and will see my doc again on Friday. If I want to work hard, I have to learn to moderate and take care of myself while I do it.

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