Repercussion Follow-up

Yesterday saw continued improvement in my range of motion, tho by the end of the day, I was again sore. Today’s lecture by my doc, kind of course, was about not being able to work like I could 30-years ago. I asked her to help me understand… When she pointed out that my joints and ligaments are 30-years older I got it. She said it doesn’t matter if I can go all day, my connective tissue will serve me much longer if I modulate how I do what I do, and if I stretch out before and after hard labor sessions. It’s like I need to work out in order to work hard. She is going to set me up with a virtual PT program she has. It’s a start.

This is the first time I’ve gotten close, via ‘hard’ labor, to seriously injuring myself. It’s taken me most of the week to recover. I’ve been putting off what are usually simple thing (reaching up to a closet shelf, vacuuming, anything reaching above my head) in order to let this heal. Lots of icing and naps!

Our next session on the Island, for water and power, will be much less labor intensive… No need to create perfect slopes, and the distance will be half of what we just did, in a much shallower trench. One day’s work. And the PEX pipe, for Stella’s water, is already unwound and relaxing in the field.

My AN will try to give 48-hours notice before we have to start up. I’m hoping for the first week of December. It’s all about the weather… Letting things dry out.

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