Out of the Trenches!

My AN called this morning to give me an update, and to let me know that his son was coming up to stay with them for a few months to help his folks get caught up around their place, and help his dad on projects. He asked, “Would you like Kurt to help me with the electrical and water install, rather than you.” I couldn’t say ‘Yes’ fast enough, and then confessed to my grumpy shoulder problem. Given my generally grumpy mood and feeling of being overwhelmed, this is incredible news. I don’t have to vet this person, or supervise them. I can stay here until I decide to go back up, and address the things that are vexing me:

  • Calling mom’s former employer, again, to find out where they are on her life insurance policy payout, which is the only thing out of my control re closing the estate. This will take hours on the phone.
  • Contacting Adobe to find out why the last fix for my subscription the their products didn’t work. This will take lots of ‘chat’ time on the computer.
  • Contacting Microsoft to find out why I STILL can’t send from Outlook on my Mac. This will take lots of ‘chat’ time on the computer.
  • Calling our internet/TV provider to find out why they don’t show last month’s payment on this month’s bill, or why the new pricing I spent an hour on the phone arranging isn’t reflected on this month’s bill. This will take hours on the phone.

Geeze, maybe I’d rather hang out in the rain in a sandy ditch 😳. Kidding… I’m sick of fixing things that then break again, or don’t stay fixed, or were never fixed in the first place despite everyone’s assurances that they were fixed/changed/working just fine. Grrr.

Tomorrow I should be able to send out checks to mom’s other beneficiaries. I am awaiting my attorney’s instructions on how exactly to complete that task.

It’ll be a full short week.

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