The day was a mix. Being away from family was hard. My nurse girl and her husband dropped off game hens, and we gave them pies for everyone. They were food Santas, delivering treats to everyone in a 25-mile radius to their home. And we maintained a 6′ distance, wore masks, and didn’t have a hug. It was good to see them, and hard all at once.

This was the first year since 2017 that mom didn’t need coaching/transportation/calming/reminding/wine mindng/worrying through the holiday. The last three Thanksgivings were kind of like being a translator for her. When out of her environment, she had such a hard time. This means I had a hard time. While we wouldn’t have been able to be with her for the holiday this year, and walking her through that confusion would have had its challenges, I wish she were was still with us. I am missing her particularly today. The logistics it took to be together for the last batch of holidays were emotionally intense, coupled with 40+ miles of transportation that was usually filled with difficult conversation… Again, I miss her. All day little quips and phrases of hers passed through my head as I worked on dinner…

Yes, we’ll have the game hens tomorrow evening. Sushi was on the menu tonight (and tomorrow morning!).

The last year I made sushi for Thanksgiving, dad was kinda offended. He loved sushi, but Thanksgiving had traditions that needed maintaining. Mom was on board.

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