And Now We Shall Christmas…

We met the kids yesterday at the U-Cut Christmas tree place. It was good to tromp through the fields assessing the merits of the trees. This year we were looking for something narrow for our sitting room. The deal was that we’d deliver the trees to the others. Truck…

Shortly after parking, another customer said a road I’d parked in front of was going to open up, so I moved the truck. The truck is now coated in mud as I chose to park in a bog . Getting out was tricky and involved the skin of my teeth, the seat of my pants, and low 4WD. It’s a good reason to put some weight in the bed of the truck… The Big Black Beast did not disappoint, and we oozed our way out of the mud, taking a healthy coating with us.

We stayed up impossibly late last night working on the tree, and the cause has been advanced today. I’m fairly sure we’re at the glass icicle stage. This is a fraiser fir with finer branches than a noble. It won’t hold the heavier ornaments, nor as many as we usually use.

Pre Glass Icicle Stage

I brought mom’s Christmas decorations home from the Island, and began going through them this afternoon. The first batch hit me like a ton of bricks. They’d been out in the tool shed in an open box for… Decades? I recognized some of them including a glass pickle I’d given her over 25-years ago. There were a batch of nicely done plastic ducks of all different breeds. My folks never raised birds, and didn’t hunt. Somethings were easy to let go of. Others, not so much. In the middle of this my DH invited me to go for a walk. I needed to get away from the thoughts of her decor living with the mice and spiders, and even more from her either not recalling that these long-loved items were out there, or that she that she had stopped caring about them. Granted, mom was never a seasonal decorator, but this is someone who made Wise Men from wine and beer bottles!

I was able to gather the remainder of the unexplored boxes when we returned from our walk. There were more ornaments, most of which I’d never seen, the aforementioned Wise Men, and Elvis. Elvis was in his original packing, including price tag! The package was covered in dust, but Elvis was spotless. I carefully removed him from his package, and put him on the tree. This lightened my mood, and gave me permission, somehow, to move along any of the other ornaments that don’t speak to me. Elvis will always have a place of honor on the tree.


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