Small Quiche Rant

I’ve been using the same little cookbook to guide me when making quiche for almost 40 (egads!) years. It doesn’t have any guidance about using scallops, of which I have half a pound along with a little cream and enough eggs… And some new 4” tart baking dishes! Off to the interwebs I go!

What the hell! Yes, I’ve been GF for about 20-years now, but why does a recipe call for flour in a quiche? Or milk? Oh, because you don’t want to use cream and an egg yolk or two? Condensed milk? Really? What an abomination! Julia Child is rolling in her grave!

We don’t indulge in quiche often, and it’s obviously always crustless. I, mostly, love the internet for spontaneous recipe ideas, and will never give up my carefully curated cookbook collection.

I still have my Joy of Cooking that my mom and dad gave me over 36 years ago when my first husband and I married. My DH and I both used Joy last week. Likely most of the main course recipes are nothing we would or could use today, but the old girl still has a lot of life in her!

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