Black Beast

My truck is known at the Black Beast. It has a GWV of 11800 pounds, is built to tow, doesn’t leap out of the gate, but is happy to guzzle gas in order to do your bidding, regardless what you have in the bed, or attached to the hitch.

When trying to get Stella up to her temporarily parking spot on the Island property, I had to drop the truck into low 4WD, and 1st gear, as well as bolster my confidence to haul/drag Stella up the hill. It was a new task for the me and truck. A certain amount of turf was sacrificed but we accomplished the end goal.

In December we met the family at the u-cut Xmas tree farm. I had to park in a mud wallow. I was able to extract the big Black Beast out of the mud, in 4W low, with lots of creative maneuvering. It was touch and go… Deep mud doesn’t give a shit about your 4WD. Kind of like ice’s indifference to your AWD…

More recently, and mentioned in a post or two, the truck has been used as a wheel barrow, moving wood from one place to another. And, of course, I buried the rear up to an axel in mud two months ago while the truck was full of, probably, many thousands of pounds of wood. At 18-years old, she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

The Big Black Beast finally tows something longer than her!

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