December Island Trip – Day 1

I took a mid-morning boat (so civilized) and did some Christmas shopping when I got to town. When I got out to the property, I slid everything the truck has into low and gently drove up the hill and out onto Stella’s pad. It will be a delight when I/we can come up here with food and a few extra clothes, and maybe a specialty tool or three. The truck was full again 😳. Granted there are still thing trickling back for the eventual estate sale, and items to outfit Stella (a sage green couch cover and my mama’s cotton Navajo blanket to go over that, sheets that fit the ‘short-queen’ mattress, ‘lil sewing projects perfect for when you don’t have a design wall much less a large cutting mat etc). I also brought up a piece of foam insulation for the space under the bed and my 375-speed bike (kidding, 21-speed).

After sorting out all the things, I dropped off a small Christmas gift at my tenant’s, and then my neighbor. My neighbor and I chatted for 10-minutes and plotted to meet for a walk tomorrow afternoon. As I strolled back my AN met me. I paid him. He’s done with the heavy lifting around here! There are still bits and pieces to do, but the final grading is done. We visited for a bit in the upper barn. He is intrigued by the oak chairs that were one of my mom’s author’s. I’m going to send an email to the author’s daughter to find out more about them. He also took a shine to a double stack of drawers that hold drill bits. Sold! I sent him home with a few Christmas gift for him and his wife. Tomorrow we’re moving Stella into her permanent location! Essentially backing her up 10ish feet.

After my AN headed back to his place I started in with the final shifting of ‘things.’ A water hose, roll of TP and channel locks to the trailer. Wait, where did I set down my Coke? I walked back and forth a lot. It was raining. Not sprinkling. I need some real rain pants here. The jacket is dripping off in the shower. The water is now supplied via a spiffy year-round freeze proof standpipe, which is also leaking when under pressure. Enough that I’ll turn it off over night. This will get fixed tomorrow. The power is flawless, and the propane makes flame, and hot water. I am, now, dry and warm. The last of the kitchen things that will live in Stella full time are now washed and drying, I replaced all the 12-volt incandescent bulbs with LEDs (OWMIGAWD I can see!), I hung up a trailer ornament and my twinkle lights. Time for some music and a glass of wine.

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