December Island Trip – Day 2

Today was a banner day:

  • I started with breakfast and tea watching the sunrise through Stella’s windows. The rain started up shortly after.
  • Next I made one of two pot-mitts for Stella out of, of course, a trailer/woods themed fabric. The light quilting resembles our 1967 Airstream!
  • The lower barn’s under-sink cabinet needed attention. Lots of attention. My AN had removed the 3-teaspoon (kidding, but it’s can’t be 3-gallons) water heater from the cabinet… We’re working on restoring water to the building. At least now the cabinet isn’t housing 15-years of grime.
  • My AN suggested we put off moving Stella until this afternoon when the sun was supposed to come out, which it did!
  • I went to town and:
    • Dropped off the mower’s old battery at the auto part’s store. It’s been in the upper barn, looking at me with distain, for more than a year now. Funny how the littlest things can give you such a lift.
    • Next was the antique consignment. I cleaned up my dad’s fishing rods and reels, and brought mom’s collection of sweet fruit and veggie shaped ceramic pieces to Ann. I am not going to take up fishing, and while I adore mom’s pieces, and how she adored and collected them, they need to live with someone who has the same passion for them that mom did. I look at them, sigh, and see something I will be compelled to keep clean. Not only did Ann take all but one chipped piece (there were a lot pieces), she gave me almost $500 in commissions for other items that have sold!
    • The hardware store yielded a Windex refill, a ‘bendy’ lighter, phone charger, and new pair of waterproof gloves. My old gloves were 9-years old and had always been a little too small. Not fun when you need to wear them for hours and sand gets in them. My fingers have only just recovered from November’s toils. The new ones are the same brand, BUT they have a faux fleece in them! I used them this afternoon, and what a gift it was have warm as well as dry hands.
    • I explored the sweet nursery that is next door to the property that used to house my dad’s shop. Deer resistant, and drought tolerant was on my mind. Prostrate rosemary, lavender, manzanita, ceanothus, and a pretty heather walked out the door with me. The idea is to plant the embankment below Stella’s pad with low growing, non-invasive plantings that have seasonal, if not year-round interest.
  • Once back at the property I parked the truck next to Stella and inhaled some lunch. My AN texted me right on cue to ask if it was a good time to move her. I unhooked water, power, sewer, put the truck in place, and raised Stella up above the ball of the hitch before he arrived. We got the truck and trailer connected, and spent about 40-minutes moving Stella into a perfect position. After my AN headed home I deployed Stella’s stabilizing jacks onto pressure treated lumber, and hooked up her utilities again.
  • Next was a walk to the end of the road with my neighbor. It was good to get some exercise that didn’t involved installing a 40 pound hitch on my truck 😜.
  • Upon my return, I took the mega-hitch off the truck, and sorted out what went where from my town run.
  • Planting was next. All the specimens are deer resistant, and I found out that deer are curious 🙄. After planting I covered the plants with old fishing net I found in the garden. Evidently deer hate netting! We’ll see how it goes.
  • It was 4:30 and time to re-nest in Stella. In order to move her, anything breakable had to be put away or protected. The double (!) kitchen sink is a great place to house fragile things.
  • NPR was a good companion while I got the second pot-mitt ready to put together. Pasty Cline has been a lovely writing backdrop, and Nat King Cole was a welcome auditory accompaniment to chatting with my DH. I’m actually using Stella’s furnace (!) to warm her up enough so I can take a ‘drought shower’ without getting the shivers (I am cheap about weird things…). My wee electric heater keeps her in the high 50’s to low 60’s. The furnace (a propane guzzler) gets the coach up to 65 in 6-minutes! Dinner is in the oven. It’s been a good day.

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