Christmas Plans

A week from now we will be up on the Island, together, for a five night escape. My DH really needs to take some time off. National holidays aside (some of which he worked through) he’s taken off 4-6 days this year, tops. He will continue to take time off after we return from our trip. The beauty of being on the Island, is that he won’t have the connectivity to work. Heh, heh, heh!

We’ll swap gifts with the kids before we leave, and have shipped to my out-of-state girl. It seems silly to take gifts to the Island only to have to bring them home again… We’ll see.

Our plans are to eat well, sleep-in a lot, work on chores in the barns (electrical is on the top of the list), burn a few piles left over from tree removal, take some walks, and possibly weed-whack, but only if it’s not raining. Reading, sewing, and backgammon also feature prominently.

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