Tuesday was the 7-month anniversary of mom’s passing. The more that time goes by, the more I miss her. My focus broadens and is able to see a greater arch of our time together. The last 15-years were so intense and so heart breaking. Those years fill a lot of psychic space in one’s memories.

The holidays, as I’ve mentioned previously, have been a challenge for the past number of years. We would look at each other and wish for a peaceful and simple day/s. But one never knows how long your parent has (or indeed yourself), and so we kept gathering with mom for the holidays.

This year we can’t travel to that warm beach, and we can’t, or shouldn’t, gather with the kids. So, we’re on our way to the Island. And this plan too I have mentioned, but it feels very fitting to do so again in terms of my mom, as it was the place she wanted to be most.

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